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BASILES PARIS has selected the most luxurious materials for its collections. To ensure lasting quality, we recommend that you read the care instructions on the label sewn into the garment and entrust its care to a specialist.

Here are a few tips to preserve the quality of your garments.


Our cotton poplins

Poplin is an ultra-soft, light and fine fabric, ideal for everyday wear. It is mainly used for shirting.

Our 100% organic, fair-trade poplin fabrics have a high quality titling, guaranteeing a silky, flowing fit.

To care for your shirts, here are a few tips to follow:

- Wash in water at 30°C

- Do not use bleach

- Do not tumble-dry

- Iron at medium heat

- Do not dry clean


Our knits


Our knitwear, made in Mayenne with the most exclusive and precious yarn blends, requires very special care.

Whether cashmeres, silks, blends of merino wool extrafine with silk, cashmere or linen, it's important to follow these few rules:

- Never machine wash or dry your knitwear. Hand-wash in cold water with mild soap (such as Marseille soap) to avoid shrinkage or pilling. If possible, air-dry your knitwear to avoid odors.   

- Do not use bleach.

- Iron at low temperatures to avoid polishing threads, which will eventually break them and cause pilling.

- Do not dry-clean

- Hang on a wide wooden hanger to avoid unsightly shoulder distortions.


For optimum longevity of your knitwear, we recommend that you have it professionally cleaned.


Our draperies

Our blazers, jackets and coats are cut from exclusively natural materials. Wools, cotton velvets, cashmeres or silk crepes.

There are some important daily care rules to be observed to guarantee longevity:

- always store your items in a dry environment to avoid odors and mildew.

- Brush regularly with a soft horsehair brush to remove dust and pilling, without damaging the fabric. 

- Entrust the cleaning of your pieces exclusively to a professional.

- Send for cleaning 1 or 2 times a year (avoid cleaning your draperies too often, as this may erode the material too quickly). 


Our silks

Along with cotton velvet, silk is one of Basiles Paris' favorite materials.

So you'll always find it in our collections.

A precious and delicate material par excellence, silk requires very special care.

To care for your silks, here are a few tips to follow:

- Wash in water at 30°C

- Do not use bleach

- Do not tumble dry

- Iron at medium heat

- Do not dry clean

- Hang on a wooden hanger


For optimum longevity of your shirts, we recommend that you have them professionally cleaned.

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